Monday, April 27, 2009

Look at our garden grow!

Our faithful little garden

These are our artichoke plants.
The little one died in a wind storm
(or so we thought),
but is now growing again.
The bell peppers are doing well. Next year we will plant more.

The tomato plants are growing like crazy and have little tomatoes already.

We cant wait to have fresh salsa!

Look how cute!

The second half of our garden

Garden part 2

This is our biggest bell pepper.
Next year we are going to grow our green beans and cucumber up our fence.
Our zucchini plants are growing fast.
Our little herb garden has
white onions, green onions, basil, and two cilantro plants.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hot Mama Pants

Getting Chunky!

We have a pair of jeans that Baylee wears
and they get a little tighter everyday.
(That is a good thing when your her size, not mine.)
Tracy calls them her hot mama pants.

We love her little bum!

This is when she was new and they were still a little loose.