Sunday, November 30, 2008

Raygen & "Locks of Love"

Raygen had a school friend a while back that came to school one day with a dramatic difference to her hair length. She explained she had cut it for "Locks of Love". "Locks of Love" is a non-profit organization that helps children suffering from medical hair loss. The hair is used to make wigs for these needful children.
Raygen had immediately decided that she was going to grow her hair out long enough to cut it and have it donated. The organization requires a minimum of 10 inches with no chemicals or dyes.
So two years later and just over 10 inches to cut, she did not want to wait a day longer. She's having a lot of fun with it. Her goofy Uncle Jeff taught her Sunday school class today and acted as if she was a visitor to the class. She says its funny to put clothing on and not have to pull her hair from out the back of the collar.
We are proud of her decision to make such a selfless choice for those less fortunate.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Plimoth Plantation Play

Our school has started a new tradition this year. This was our first annual Plimoth Plantation Program. The girls had parts to memorize and then got up on the stage and did very well in front of all the parents. Jack enjoyed watching his sisters and running around the gym after the performance. The whole week before I was making costumes for everybody. My mom is proud of me and said I am ready to move to the next level of sewing.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Little Man

I just had to share this.... I walked in and found Jack sleeping with his hand stuck in the back of his pants. I found it funny that he felt comfort in doing it. Perhaps its a man thing. Or perhaps his fingers get cold and he simply found a warm place.... look at his other hand, warmly tucked under the pillow.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

All I Want for Christmas is My Four Front Teeth

Rylee loves showing how she can stick her tongue out of her mouth without having to open jaw.
We told her this will be the last time she'll ever be able to do this..... (hopefully)

Baby Bunny

We got one of the videos to upload. You can see how much Jack loves the baby bunny and wants to stay as close as possible.

Monday, November 10, 2008

We caught a bunny!

About two months ago, three small bunny rabbits appeared in our backyard. We have no idea where they came from, but only know that there have been a couple grown rabbits running through our neighborhood for a while. We have felt privileged that the baby rabbits would choose our backyard and grass to live in for the duration of their growth. Well as rabbits do they have continued to multiply and our neighborhood is now infested with them. Alena, with her bunny catching skills caught one of the new baby rabbits. The kids enjoyed holding the rabbit and Jack was very protective of the rabbit when Merik (our dog) came anywhere near. We probably should have kept him in hopes of slowing down the rabbit population, but we decided to let him go.

Balloon Babies

The kids were pretending to look like me and have a baby in their belly. Rylee was able to pull it off better than Jack. Raygen just ran when she saw the camera and wouldn't let us get a picture of her. A few weeks later Jack lifted up my shirt saying, "balloon?" He was a little disappointed to see it was just my big belly.