Friday, December 25, 2009


This is Baylee's First Christmas!
She got a cabbage patch doll and she loved it!
Raygen got some gymnastics outfits for her treasure hunt gift.
Rylee treasure hunt gift was an easy bake oven.
Jack loved hunting for his bucket of boy dress up clothes!
He no longer will be running around in princess dresses!
His favorite costume was the buzz lightyear. He wore it for the next four days straight. I finally convinced him to let me wash it!
Baylee has great bed head!
Santa gave the kids a trampoline!
This is the kids on Christmas Eve. They all had matching P J's!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rylee's first dance show

Rylee takes dance with her cousin Zoe. She just did her first dance recital and Tracy and I both got a little teary eyed when she was on stage. She was so graceful and beautiful on stage. It was worth any sacrifice we make for that experience! Thank you Zoe's Family for their support in all of this.

Raygen enjoyed watching her sister. It was one of those moments when she showed that she really does love her sister!

Kissing Face!

We love Baylee's eyes. They are so blue and her eye lashes reach all the way to the top of her eyebrows. She was making the sweetest kissing face and I kept trying to get a picture of it but she was climbing all over me trying to get the camera to see herself.
It is blurry but she was being so funny!
She loves to drink water out of a straw. I just love her!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

All Ready for Chritmas!

The kids put a foam sticker on Baylee's head.
She loved it and would look up and try to pull it off.
She got so good at taking it off and wouldn't keep it on long after that.
It became more fun to chew on!