Friday, December 25, 2009


This is Baylee's First Christmas!
She got a cabbage patch doll and she loved it!
Raygen got some gymnastics outfits for her treasure hunt gift.
Rylee treasure hunt gift was an easy bake oven.
Jack loved hunting for his bucket of boy dress up clothes!
He no longer will be running around in princess dresses!
His favorite costume was the buzz lightyear. He wore it for the next four days straight. I finally convinced him to let me wash it!
Baylee has great bed head!
Santa gave the kids a trampoline!
This is the kids on Christmas Eve. They all had matching P J's!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rylee's first dance show

Rylee takes dance with her cousin Zoe. She just did her first dance recital and Tracy and I both got a little teary eyed when she was on stage. She was so graceful and beautiful on stage. It was worth any sacrifice we make for that experience! Thank you Zoe's Family for their support in all of this.

Raygen enjoyed watching her sister. It was one of those moments when she showed that she really does love her sister!

Kissing Face!

We love Baylee's eyes. They are so blue and her eye lashes reach all the way to the top of her eyebrows. She was making the sweetest kissing face and I kept trying to get a picture of it but she was climbing all over me trying to get the camera to see herself.
It is blurry but she was being so funny!
She loves to drink water out of a straw. I just love her!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

All Ready for Chritmas!

The kids put a foam sticker on Baylee's head.
She loved it and would look up and try to pull it off.
She got so good at taking it off and wouldn't keep it on long after that.
It became more fun to chew on!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Carving Contest

This year came upon us quickly. Our family went with the Wizard of Oz theme.
Rylee posed with Becky's dog Toto.
There is our lion with his cousin Cole Ryan.
I made Tracy carve a pumpkin this year and we didn't take a picture of it when it was all done. I can just tell you that his heart was not in it and I won't make him do one next year if he still is not in the mood! I fell bad because I didn't get a picture of Raygen's pumpkin. She made a ghost walking a dog. It was cute!
Here is our clan! We have our Cowardly Lion played by Jack. The Wicked Witch was Raygen and on her lap was our little Flying Monkey played by Baylee Sue. Beautiful Rylee played Dorothy.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Brotherly Love!

Jack fell asleep while holding Baylee and she didn't seem to mind. She stayed there with him holding her for long time. He loves his Baylee Sue!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Baylee's Many Faces

Baylee was making the sweetest sounds and faces.
She copied every sound we made.
Rylee put a headband on her and loves to pose with her in pictures.
We have a video of her, but it won't upload.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Watching Raygen's Gymnastics

It is a long hour and a half for a little boy to stay happy.
Tracy made it all better by taking pictures of his fit!

I volunteered to hold the happy child!
As you can see things got better!
Raygen loves to work on the beam!
We like how her hands are not on the ground in this picture.
She has good form in the air.
We like the air she can get.
We enjoy when we get to go watch her.
Her teachers said they like her because she always goes and works hard.

Raygen's Vault!

Raygen has been in gymnastics for the past 10 months. For the first six weeks she was in the beginner class and then got moved into the intermediate class. We enjoy watching her tumble and love how strong she is becoming, and we are slightly jealous of her stomach muscles. The night we went we watch her on the vault and the beam. She has a great time!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Marisa's Birthday Cake

This is a birthday cake that I decorated for my niece Marisa's 5th birthday.
It was a lot of work. I can get a little crazy about details sometimes and drive myself crazy!
The kids LOVED it!

Raygen's 4th Triathlon

Raygen is an old pro at this and loves it! She loves the triathlon and would do them all the time if she could. The older you get the father you have to go, so hers has become more of a challenge. Rylee's race was right before hers and she wanted to run with her. I didn't let her but she did run with Alize and Taylor when it was their turn to cheer them on. It is always a good workout for us. Tracy ran with Rylee and I ran with Raygen and Taylor. We love this family activity!

Rylee's 1st Triathlon

We are so proud of her!
Bless her little heart. We as parents were not prepared for this one. In fact we only found out about it 4 days before. So there was no training or do we have the right kind of bikes for the girls. However they finished and did not give up. Rylee was tired when it was all said and done. She wants to know if she can skip it next year. We will see when it gets closer.She does like having a medal and showing it to everyone.

See what I mean about the bike. Her tires have been flat (well lets just say a little to long) and we didn't realize how much she had grown. We have been a little preoccupied with life. Poor thing is this what they talk about being the middle child? I hear the end up faring the best in life, as I know she will!
I just wanted to squeeze her she was so cute in the water with her swimming cap on!
Alize goes to school with them, Raygen and Rylee are in the middle,
and Taylor (their aunt) is on the end.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of School!

This is the first year I am not teaching full time.
There are many things I like about it and a lot of things I miss!
Jack has had the hardest time adjusting to this.
Since he was two months old he has been in a class room and this year there is no preschool,
so no class for Jack! He misses it.
So I have tried to make him mommy's little helper!

Raygen is our BIG fourth grader now!
She loves school and has new teachers this year that are not her mom or aunts!
This is very exciting when family teachers is all she has ever known.

Rylee and her cousin Zoe are in First grade this year.
This makes me happy since Rylee could never remember the word Kindergarten last year and had to ask me every time someone ask her what grade she was in.
Rylee loves her teacher Mrs. Taylor!
This will be a GREAT year!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What A Little Daddy!

I Have A Great Future Husband On My Hands!
(he will not be available until after his mission)
I walked into the Kitchen and found Jack
with Baylee's bath tub giving some dolls a bath.
He was very good at making sure they had clean faces.
He even dunked them upside to rinse their faces.
He was a little rough. I am sure he will get better with age.

I love my boy!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jack's SUPERMAN Birthday Party!

Last year we didn't have a birthday party for Jack when he turned two. I swear he knew it because, every birthday party we attended when everyone started to sing he would get very excited and then they would say someone else's name and he would be devastated. (ask Jenny she saw it first hand at Van's birthday party) So instead of spending a whole year of feeling like a loser mom, I had a Superman party. We are blessed to have Jack's party at my bother in laws home with their beautiful pool.

He loves his new superman pajama's he got.
He shows great emotion when opens his presents (He did NOT get that from me. Sorry to anyone who has experienced that, I really am happy on the inside!)

When it came time for the singing to Jack, he suddenly became very shy and wasn't sure if he liked it. As you can see he got over it and blew out his candles.
The one week we decide to have his party, we had a random cold front come threw and it was only 85 degrees out. So the pool was freezing, but the kids enjoyed the spa!
Baylee hanging out in the shade with her Daddy!
This was one of my easiest cakes of all times!