Friday, September 25, 2009

Rylee's 1st Triathlon

We are so proud of her!
Bless her little heart. We as parents were not prepared for this one. In fact we only found out about it 4 days before. So there was no training or do we have the right kind of bikes for the girls. However they finished and did not give up. Rylee was tired when it was all said and done. She wants to know if she can skip it next year. We will see when it gets closer.She does like having a medal and showing it to everyone.

See what I mean about the bike. Her tires have been flat (well lets just say a little to long) and we didn't realize how much she had grown. We have been a little preoccupied with life. Poor thing is this what they talk about being the middle child? I hear the end up faring the best in life, as I know she will!
I just wanted to squeeze her she was so cute in the water with her swimming cap on!
Alize goes to school with them, Raygen and Rylee are in the middle,
and Taylor (their aunt) is on the end.

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