Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bowling With FOUR children!

I have learned my lesson!

We went to a birthday party at the bowling alley. It was the middle of the day so Tracy had to work. For some reason, Jack was grumpy until the party was almost over and then was feeling much better after consuming three cupcakes. (At that point I was just glad he was not on the ground kicking, so he could of had as many as he wanted.) Between running back and forth to help Jack and Rylee bowl, plus bowling for myself, oh and nursing Baylee, I was exhausted and will most likely never go with out Tracy again. I guess all that matters is that the kids had fun and were all happy by the end. (Until it was time to leave of course)

You can't see Jack but I am dragging him out of the way so the next bowler can go.
(Look I am still smiling)
Raygen and Haley eating Cupcakes.
Rylee with Jack before the cupcakes!

Raygen got pretty good at putting the ball straight down the middle.

Rylee looks like a dancer when she bowls.
She also does a little dance move on the way back.

This picture cracks me up. Ruby knew I was taking pictures and she didn't even look where she was going. She just smiled and chucked the ball down the lane!

Jack has now had his cupcakes and was having a good time!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Baylee's Blessing

Baylee's Baby Blessing

She was almost five months old when we blessed her.
As you can see it was very exhausting.
Tracy gave a beautiful blessing and it was nice to have our family with us.

Jeff, Bishop Truman, Baylee with her dad, Tom, Danny
(John Hawkes was MIA)

Baylee with her Great Grandma and Grandpa Koeller

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Charmer Like His Daddy!

There is something to be said about boys and their moms.
Yesterday I was laying on the floor with Jack looking at his Baylee Sue,
when I said, "Jack, isn't Baylee so beautiful?"
He replied, "Yep, just like mommy!"
That's why we are definitely keeping him around.
He is the sweetest little boy a mom could have.

I thought this picture was appropriate for the comment that he made.
This is a picture from 2008, but he just looks like a smooth talker in it!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Beach Babies!

The Sand Between Our Toes!

Jack helping his dad make a sea turtle
in the sand.
Rylee was covered with sand from head to toe.
She still has sand in her bathing suit.
Life is hard when you are the only boy and
three years old!
Raygen and Jack with the sea turtle the dad made.
Jack started to wink on vacation.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

The Cousins!

We had a fun day of swimming and relaxing at Uncle Tom and Aunt Denise's house.
They have such a beautiful house and yard and with the great
weather we played outside all day.
Noah, Rylee, Raygen, Baylee, and Jack
Elle and Baylee in their Bumbos!
Tracy and Baylee dipping their feet!
Chunky rolls makes us happy!
I love my wonderful children!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Sea World


We cashed in our change under our bed and took the kids to Sea World .
The weather was a beautiful 72 degrees and we were able to spend time with my family!
These are pictures of the night time show Shamu Rocks!
Tracy took the girls down and sat in the soak zone, while I stayed in the dry section with a sleeping Jack and a happy Baylee.

I couldn't get this picture to turn but I just love her little grin!

Tracy got to ride on Elmo's Flying Fish twice.
Once with Jack and then with Rylee.
What a lucky guy!

Noah and Brooke
Star Fish Fun!
Everyone held the star fish.
The whole time I just kept praying that none of my kids would fall in.
Raygen was two last time she did this!
Look how she has grown up!
This is the only Sea World picture I got in. I am barely there.
I almost spent $25.00 On a hat because I thought she looked so darn cute in it!
Tracy has always liked to pose our babies in pictures. What you can't tell is that she is on a top shelf in a store. A lot of people took her picture sitting up there.
I love Raygen's little hat!
All day long I was counting kids to make sure we had them all.
Poor Aunt Denise ran all around with us .
What A trooper!
See what I mean about Tracy and his pictures he likes to take!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The San Diego Zoo

Fun at the Zoo!
We took the kids to the zoo with my cousins kids.
It is so much fun to watch my kids play with my cousins Bryon's kids. I love my memories of playing with him and his sister and now I am blessed to watch my kids do the same!
Thanks to the Stromer family for housing us and for
being crazy enough to walk all of those hills with us!
Raygen took this picture of Tracy on the sky tram.

Noah, Jack, Rylee, and Raygen with the flamingos.
Noah and Jack loved the Gorillas and Monkeys!
Raygen and Rylee love to pose (it's a girl thing)
The kids loved the hippo especially when he did what they call the "sprinkler poop" ! YUCK!
They thought it was funny. The things you get to see in nature.
They also had some fun nature lessons with the giraffe.
We wont get into those.
I carried Baylee in her sling most of the day.
She was nice and cozy and was well protected from the sun!
Elle LOVED the characters walking around
and would scream when we had to leave them.
Jack is signing Rhinoceros.
We are all feeling pretty good about they way our back ends
look after seeing this poor animal!
All the kids with a lion.
Elle with her mommy (Brooke)
Me and Rylee on the bus tour.
Noah ready to ride the bus.