Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bowling With FOUR children!

I have learned my lesson!

We went to a birthday party at the bowling alley. It was the middle of the day so Tracy had to work. For some reason, Jack was grumpy until the party was almost over and then was feeling much better after consuming three cupcakes. (At that point I was just glad he was not on the ground kicking, so he could of had as many as he wanted.) Between running back and forth to help Jack and Rylee bowl, plus bowling for myself, oh and nursing Baylee, I was exhausted and will most likely never go with out Tracy again. I guess all that matters is that the kids had fun and were all happy by the end. (Until it was time to leave of course)

You can't see Jack but I am dragging him out of the way so the next bowler can go.
(Look I am still smiling)
Raygen and Haley eating Cupcakes.
Rylee with Jack before the cupcakes!

Raygen got pretty good at putting the ball straight down the middle.

Rylee looks like a dancer when she bowls.
She also does a little dance move on the way back.

This picture cracks me up. Ruby knew I was taking pictures and she didn't even look where she was going. She just smiled and chucked the ball down the lane!

Jack has now had his cupcakes and was having a good time!

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