Thursday, July 2, 2009

The San Diego Zoo

Fun at the Zoo!
We took the kids to the zoo with my cousins kids.
It is so much fun to watch my kids play with my cousins Bryon's kids. I love my memories of playing with him and his sister and now I am blessed to watch my kids do the same!
Thanks to the Stromer family for housing us and for
being crazy enough to walk all of those hills with us!
Raygen took this picture of Tracy on the sky tram.

Noah, Jack, Rylee, and Raygen with the flamingos.
Noah and Jack loved the Gorillas and Monkeys!
Raygen and Rylee love to pose (it's a girl thing)
The kids loved the hippo especially when he did what they call the "sprinkler poop" ! YUCK!
They thought it was funny. The things you get to see in nature.
They also had some fun nature lessons with the giraffe.
We wont get into those.
I carried Baylee in her sling most of the day.
She was nice and cozy and was well protected from the sun!
Elle LOVED the characters walking around
and would scream when we had to leave them.
Jack is signing Rhinoceros.
We are all feeling pretty good about they way our back ends
look after seeing this poor animal!
All the kids with a lion.
Elle with her mommy (Brooke)
Me and Rylee on the bus tour.
Noah ready to ride the bus.

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