Monday, November 10, 2008

We caught a bunny!

About two months ago, three small bunny rabbits appeared in our backyard. We have no idea where they came from, but only know that there have been a couple grown rabbits running through our neighborhood for a while. We have felt privileged that the baby rabbits would choose our backyard and grass to live in for the duration of their growth. Well as rabbits do they have continued to multiply and our neighborhood is now infested with them. Alena, with her bunny catching skills caught one of the new baby rabbits. The kids enjoyed holding the rabbit and Jack was very protective of the rabbit when Merik (our dog) came anywhere near. We probably should have kept him in hopes of slowing down the rabbit population, but we decided to let him go.

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Alena & Tracy Blackwell said...

The other background got deleated and then wouldn't upload again. Weird. If you don't like this one feel free to change it.

Also, Jack's picture was uploaded to the wrong place so I deleated it.When you upload it again put it on the side. Speaking of Jack, I still can't get over how old he looks!!!!