Monday, May 18, 2009

Raygen's Loser Mom

Raygen's nine and a quarter Birthday Party!
Let me first PLEAD my case. Yes, her birthday is Christmas day. We usually have her party in January. That way it gives everyone enough time to recuperate from the holidays. Well this January our niece Brittany was getting married so we were a little busy getting ready for a wedding. Then yes I could have scheduled her slumber party but I was afraid if I did I would go into labor. So we waited! Then I needed time to recover after the baby came. She eventually got her birthday party and we managed to do it before her sister had her birthday in April. (No, I haven't had her party yet either) It is taken me awhile to get back into the swing of things.

I think she had a good time. We had a disco ball that we hung in our kitchen and they danced around to girls just want to have fun. They played twister with the disco ball turning and used the strobe light too. They ate pizza and ice cream cake. ( I try not to be offended that she didn't want her mom to make the cake, In the end I was kind of glad it was less work for me) Then watched a movie and went to sleep at a reasonable hour.(Tracy and I were happy about that) In the end I don't think we damaged her by having her party in March!


Stacy Risenmay said...

I think with Christmas, a wedding, and a baby you are forgiven!

Alena & Tracy Blackwell said...

Thank you for your support! It is much needed these days.