Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rylee's Birthday

This One Was Only 2 Months Late.

Yes, Rylee's birthday is April 23rd and I had a Tea Party on June 24th. I am only two months behind on this one. Jack's birthday is July 3rd. My goal is to do the birthday in the month of July. Rylee didn't seem to mind. Everyone came and had a great time.
She got a new headband and press on nails that she loves!

She got a lot of fun things. One of her Friends made her a pillow and another one made her an apron! Of course she got shoes witch she loves and lots of accessories!

All of the girls had fun and this was the easiest party I have ever done.
I think I will plan them all in 24 hours from now on!

I let her wear a dress that I wore in my mom's wedding.
She had to walk around holding it up like a real princess. She loved it!

This is her tea pot birthday cake!

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