Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Journey Education Awards Ceremony

We had a beautiful weather for our awards ceremony. It is fun to see all the kids in their shirts, reciting some of their poems that they have learned this year and sharing their goals that they have accomplished! I have the pleasure of being fortunate enough to work with all of the kids at the school. I love them and enjoy watching them mature and grow throughout the school year.It is so sweet how Rylee likes to be the center of attention and other times not so much. She got an award for spelling and reading this year. She is always sounding things out and is a fabulous speller! She is amazing us with how independent she is with her education. We know that will take her far!
Raygen is an amazing student and is well liked by her teachers. She got a math award. She finished one and a half math books this year. She was in fourth grade and is doing seventh grade math. It is one of her favorite subjects. She also got an award for spelling. It was her achilles heel and she worked hard to master it!

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