Saturday, October 25, 2008

Toy Story 2

This was the families 7th annual pumpkin carving contest party. Our family did the Toy Story two theme this year. We chose this because that is Jack's new favorite movie. Rylee was Little Bo Peep, Raygen was Jessie and Jack was Woody, of course. I worked on the costumes for about a week and lost a lot of skin due to glue gun injuries not to mention the numerous pokes from the needles. However, I was happy with the results. We won the costume contest. Jenny Jensen says she is going to learn to sew and give me a run for my money. I would love the challenge.

This year Tracy struggled with an idea and had no plans for a pumpkin. He won best overall much to his brother Mark's disappointment. Mark usually only feels he is truly in competition with Tracy. Mark still won most creative but this did not satisfy him. The next day our girls had a message on the answering machine saying how their dad is going down next year. I am glad the children have such wonderful examples of good sportsmanship! Tracy thought this was hilarious because he put little effort into this pumpkin. I must say it was the most clean cut of all the pumpkins.

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