Saturday, September 27, 2008

Raygen's Triatholon

This was Raygen's third City of Las Vegas Triathlon. She loves participating in the event. I don't think its because she feels she needs to win, but she feels proud that she'd able to try her best and loves the support her mom & dad gives her.

At the completion of each years event, she discusses what she would like to work on to improve her performance in anticipation for the following year.
After her first triathlon, we worked on riding the bike in a standing position to increase speed. This past year, we worked on swimming and the technique of a proper freestyle swim. This coming year she wants to work on running agility. This seemed to have been her most challenging leg of the event this year.

Regardless of technique and agility though, we teach her that winning against the other competitors is not he point of doing this. Its the challenge of starting what you finish that is most important. Every year thus far, I lay in bed with her the night before the big race and read the same story to her. Many people are familiar with it... it is called "The Race". Its about a boy and his struggle to compete in a race. He keeps stumbling and falling to the ground. After falling four times he is ready to quit. All the other competitors have already crossed the finish when the boy crosses in last place. To listen to the crowd cheer for him you would have thought he'd won the race.
I read this to her ensure she understands its most important finish than it is to win. I love her so much and I know that she is fully capable to do anything.

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