Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's Raygen's 10th Pshchedelic Birthday!

I would just like to thank Raquel for all the help with the parties over the years!
It is fun for a bunch of little girls to party with someone that is full of energy!
We had a disco ball and flowers hanging over the dance floor!
Then they played twister!
People have often said Raygen is like me when it comes to opening presents. These pictures prove otherwise. She got excited and let it all come out!
Baylee stayed with her dad a good part of the night.
Did I mention we also tie-dyed shirts!
Don't tell Raquel I put this on here! (She told me not to.)
I think she looks cute!
Raygen was surprised by her cake!
I baked a tie-dyed cake and it was absolutely amazing! The pictures don't do it Justice. The colors were so bright and I did it all while she was gone. When we cut into the cake everyone was blown away by the colors! I decorated with chocolate icing so it seemed kind of boring and then she got her surprise!
It was a long day but I love doing things like this for my kids. Raygen has been such a blessing these past ten years and I love all of our girl talk we have now! Now if we can just figure out how to slow her down because her dad is not doing so well with the transition into women hood!

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