Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rylee and Zoe's Ear Experience!

So let me start off by saying we were going to wait until our girls were twelve to get their ears pierced. Then Rylee came along and decided to start asking us when she was about four years old. We were sticking to our guns and waiting! BUT! If you know the history behind Rylee's teeth you know it has been devastating. The poor girl has had caps done at two and just this past year had to have a tooth pulled and was put to sleep for that. Well 7 caps later and I don't even know how many filling she had to have another procedure. She needed a baby root canal! So we made a bargain that if she had her tooth done and sat for the dentist and kept her mouth open that she would show that she was responsible enough to get her ears pierced! She prayed about it and decided to go for it! She came home from the dentist very excited and I was very proud of her! We then invited her cousin Zoe to join us and her mom was very excited!
I love this picture of them and I am glad they went together and made this fun memory!
There was a little hesitation...
Daddy to the rescue!
Both of the girls did NOT cry. I had told Rylee that I cried like a baby!
This is why dad had to come to the rescue!

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