Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Morning

One of my favorite things about Easter morning is the crazy hair and this year none of my children had it. I was slightly disappointed. However, Baylee got some leg warmers in her basket that made up for it.
This picture shows off her new leg warmers that shows off her fine thighs!
This egg comes with a story. The night before we were at my mother's house when they were coloring eggs and my children helped. Well Jack was working hard when his egg broke and he was devastated. My mother went over and helped him out and put one of those plastic covers over it. He held it tight the rest of the night and took it home with us. We carried the sleeping boy in from the car and tried to take it from him. He started to cry and wake up, so we gave it back to him. We safely took it from him a few hours later. Well this picture was taken the next day when he found it and as you can tell he was very excited. I was slightly worried how I was going to get him to forget about this egg because as we all know this egg won't last forever. I think the candy coma helped him to forget!
Rylee is so sweet and would have taken a picture with every little piece of candy or toy she received.
Raygen assisted Baylee in the finding of eggs!
Baylee also found her love of candy on this day.
The addiction to sugar starts at a young age! I believe that's when I fell in love with it.
They are all growing up so fast!

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