Saturday, April 3, 2010

Coloring Eggs!

Taking pictures of this event can be some what stressful. Tracy was outside doing yard work and we only had about thirty minutes to color the eggs and clean up. My pictures of the other kids are not so good because I was holding the yellow dye that Baylee was using with one hand and snapping pictures with the other.
Raygen takes her time and does very intricate designs on her eggs.
Jack loves to use the egg tools and is very patient while waiting for the eggs to turn a dark color.

Rylee loves to make eggs for the whole family and even did one for Merik our dog.
This is the yellow mess I mentioned earlier. Her hands stayed yellow for two days. I think Baylee enjoyed splashing in the dye the best.
Overall the kids enjoyed designing and coloring the eggs. They had fun and that's all that mattered. Now looking back at the pictures it doesn't seem so bad.

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